Corona Virus "Big 6" Disability Carriers Response

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Even when our nation is not knee-deep in the middle of a pandemic the need for physicians to have True Own Specialty Disability Insurance is more important than ever.

Typically, whenever you apply for Own Specialty Disability or individual Life Insurance you are required to complete full medical underwriting which includes an in-person mini-medical exam from a mobile paramedical technician.  

However, with our federal and local authorities issuing mandated social distancing and shutdowns of non-essential businesses, the ability to complete the necessary underwriting process without further risking the spread of this virus has been immediately impacted.

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The crucial importance of ensuring you have the ability to purchase the proper Disability and Life insurance while you stand on the front lines of this pandemic has been answered by the majority of the Big 6 Disability Carriers.  To date, we have received confirmation from Ameritas, Guardian, MassMutual, Ohio National, and the Standard that they are temporarily altering their underwriting requirements in order to ensure you can get True Own Specialty Disability Insurance without risking the spread of this virus by eliminating the need to complete an in-person mini-medical exam during this crisis. 

Carrier Updates:

Ameritas COVID-19 Response

Ameritas Response

We are temporarily discontinuing the requirement for paramedical exams and can underwrite up to $10,000 through the age of 45 and $6,000 over age 45 by use of the EZ App.  Future increase options are available up to $20,000 per month.




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Guardian COVID-19 Response



We are temporarily discontinuing the requirement for routine lab requests (blood and urine) and vitals (height, weight, blood pressure) for all applicants age 18-45 for all products and amounts applied for. Underwriting reserves the right to request labs for a cause. For applicants age 46 and older, we may be able to obtain lab data via our partnership with Human API which allows clients to download their patient portal electronic health records directly to underwriting.








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The Standard COVID-19 Response


Immediately until May 13th, 2020 no Medical Requirements will be needed up to $10,000 for individual disability income, $25,000 for Business Overhead Protection and $1,000,000 for Disability Buy-Sell and may also waive labs and exams for applicants seeking higher benefit amounts, depending on medical history and other information available.








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MassMutual COVID-19 Response




  • Attending Physician Statements (APSs). Underwriting will use digital health profiles or other medical records when possible instead of APSs to expedite processing.

  • Blood profiles/exams. When possible, underwriting will approve coverage without an exam/blood profile using comprehensive medical records, ideally with a complete physical and labs completed in the past 24 months, and will consider labs/exams from a prior company’s recent underwriting and available medical records.

  • We expect available medical records to help in many cases, but not all. Policies may be issued standard initially, but then we’ll reconsider preferred using the original policy date when clients are able to complete their exams/labs.








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Ohio National COVID-19 Response




    No paramed exam or lab is needed on applications signed on or before June 1, 2020, submitted under the following conditions:
    • Non-cancellable individual disability income (IDI) policies 
      • Issue ages 18-45
      • Occupation classes 4A, 5A, 6A & 4M, 5M, 6M 
      • Minimum 90 day elimination period
      • Up to $7,500 of the base, Annual Renewable Disability Income (ARDI) and Social Insurance Supplement (SIS) (includes all-source individual DI coverage with Ohio National) 
      • All benefit periods and optional riders are available








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Way To Step Up!

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Thank you

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our healthcare providers for all the hard work they do to keep our society and our families healthy.  

We Truly care about our Physician clients and that's why we have made it our specialty to ensure that all our clients understand the importance of True Own Specialty Disability Insurance.  

We are delighted that some of the Own Specialty Disability carriers have acted quickly to ensure you can continue to get the coverage you need while you work hard to keep our nation healthy.